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Chainsaw Carved, OWLS..


Stands approximately 27" tall and 15" wide. The owl carving is made from a half section or a pine log. Carving it from half a log helps reduce the tension within the wood reducing cracking.

Each one of my carvings is finished with an OIL-Based out door deck stain. WHY? Outdoor deck stains are easy to reapply if needed, they don't crack or peel, and have mold inhibitors.

Unlike outdoor polyurethane or varnishes after being placed outside, which peel, crack, harbor fungi (mold), get a milky appearance over time, and are a BEAR to refinish!!!!!!! They are however great for interior pieces!

I have never seen a woodcarving that hasn't had a crack or two; it’s the nature of the art form. People say it gives them character. The reason they crack is that the cells in the wood are shrinking due to water evaporation. Places like next to your wood stove or in direct sunlight are going to cause more cracking. Places like a covered porch or in the entrance way to your home are more ideal.

Double Owl Chainsaw Carving

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