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Let us help you express

how your work day went.
Levels on the back are customizable!

Wulf Creek Designs was

the original designer of

the “Don’t Even Ask” glass

with your career shown on the front.

Flags and Punishers

"Take pasta dinner up a notch with these running-inspired wine glasses."

-Runner's World Magazine

"We thought these etched nurse wine glasses by Wulf Creek Designs were just too perfect not to share with you!"

-Scrubs Magazine

"Sure, chocolate milk is a more balanced option, but a floral IPA from 3 Floyds goes down pretty nicely after 10 miles in the snow. And this glass (or mug) goes very well with it."

-Women's Running Magazine

"Now, no one will have to ask how your shift went. All they have to do is check the fill level on your wine glass. Settings range from “easy day” to “don’t even ask.” This lovely sand etched set of glassware, complete with LPN insignia and caduceus is $30.00"

-Scrubs Magazine